I think everybody agrees that TV is one of the greatest – if not the greatest vehicle of massive communication of this century. Being a general carrier of information it can be tremendously useful, as well as, devastating and misleading; both in a personal level and to the society in general.


As human being we are rational, free and not less important, a beautiful gift from the Creator, we are different. Sometimes even weird! Being so, we are capable of managing creation and expression, the sending and receiving of them; Everyday through TV we need to exercise our capabilities and aptitudes if weather the information or entertainment were qualitatively adding to our lives or just compromised our understanding and vision of the world.


For instance, the results of impartial news, national or international, political, economical, or merely creative entertainment can be pleasurable and helpful.


On the other hand, the mismanagement of timing while watching TV, the quality of the programs and the lack of judgment in the receiving of information can bring psychological damages, partial opinion and worst of all make us be part of an aliened world, or even to be manipulated to believe and do things that we don’t necessarily would agree if we really knew what they were.


Have you paid attention to how manipulative and persuasive TV advertisements can be? They want you to buy it, to believe it, to take it home, or even sometimes to sell yourself! For me it looks like a great dictionary electronic with words jumping from side to side expressing two faces. The bad and the good guy.


At the end of the day what I am compelled to understand is that we were presented with intellectual functions and we have to use them well to filter what we see and listen in the TV. Doing so, we will master it, winning the best it can produce and fully living what we really were meant to be. Rational and smarty people whom, although can not avoid the bird from flying above our heads – ought to avoid them to build their nest on it!






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